Friday, July 27, 2012

Lesson Plans and Scheduling

For several years I've used DAILY lesson plan sheets that follow my schedule. Most days my schedule wasn't as I expected, so there was a lot of marking out and changing times. This year I think I'm going back to the Week at a Glance format. I am going to include each of the activities that occur in my day and fill in the activity/lesson that will be used or completed at that time. I think listing the items used in each center will also be helpful so I can be sure to rotate the supplies. I also try to make notes on which children I work 1/1 with each day. I try to work with each child a few minutes each day, but if I don't I make note of making sure I see them the next day they attend. I'll see how this works for me this year, I'm sure there will be more tweaks once school starts..

How do you organize  your lesson plans?

Last year's template:

This year's Template

I have children with IEPs that attend 2 or 3 days per week depending on their needs.  I have "peer buddies" that visit for part of each day, usually mornings. These children do not have IEP goals and are to help model play, behavior and language.  Last year I had children with IEPs attending a variety of days with no routine to it. (I came in after school started and most of the kids were already scheduled.) This year I am working hard to have the kiddos that come 2 days a week come on Tuesday/Thursday and the 3 day a week kiddos come Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Right now the days are fairly even, but expect that as children turn 3 I will have more on T/R, if it gets too full I will have to schedule some differently. Right now I will have about 7 Special Needs children each day and hopefully 4 or 5 "peer buddies". I do have one classroom assistant.
How do you schedule your classes? Do they come different days?

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  1. I have three and four-year-old students with special needs. We have 3-4 "typical" children in the class as well. Our day is split. The morning class comes from 7:45-10:45; the afternoon children attend from 12-3:00.